[International News] SHOCKING: World’s Most Crowded Prison Is Located In. . .

These are the shocking images that reveal the brutal life endured by prisoners in Manila.

Quezon City prison was built for 800 inmate but it now houses over 3,800 inmates.

Situated in the capital city of the Philippines, the living conditions are so horrendous that some prisoners do not even have enough space to sleep on the floor.

Instead, prisoners are forced to take turns to lie down.

One prisoner – Raymund Narag – was 20 when he was sent to the jail after being convicted of murdering a young man.

inmate 4

inmate 5

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He served seven years in the prison, and have since spoken out about the conditions there.

Speaking of life behind bars, he has previously said: “I saw firsthand the intricacies of managing a crowded, underfunded, undermanned prison institution.”

The Philippines is moving towards a federal form of government by 2022, after President Rodrigo Duterte agreed with the leaders of Congress to set up a body to amend the constitution.

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inmate 2

inmate 3

Credit: Mirror.Uk