[Local News] Death Of Joachim Paumero: Cameras Reveal Shocking Images

The French military officer Joachim Paumero was reported missing since 16 July and his body was found in a badly decomposed state on Friday 29th July. What has happened to the 26 year old young man? The autopsy was performed on Saturday night and his death was attributed to multiple fractures. While many grey areas remain around his disappearance, the images from surveillance cameras placed in Cascavelle made troubling revelations.

One can see that Joachim Paumero was taken force by individuals inside a white 4×4. Police officers of Bambous are trying to extract as much information from these images, which are however vague and do not allow to see the number of the vehicle’s license plate. Nevertheless, investigators now favor the thesis of a foul play.

The body of Joachim Paumero was found around 18 pm on Friday at very difficult place to access, called Bassin Vert in La Mecque, Medine near Albion. It took recourse to the expertise of the officers of the Mauritian Police Intervention Group to raise the corpse that was at the foot of a cliff 15 meters high.

Somebody who is familiar to this area wonders how the victim could be found here. «C’est un lieu retiré. S’il a été tué, comment ses meurtriers ont-ils pu le transporter jusque-là ? S’il y est allé en marchant, de son plein gré, et qu’il est tombé, son corps aurait dû être sur les rochers et non dans l’eau.»

Whatever be the case, the pain of the family of the young man is the same. “We imagine a lot of scenarios,” says Maureen, sister of the victim, his eyes red. She is the last to have seen Joachim alive when he left the pub Lakaz, Cascavelle in the early hours of the morning. The young man, whose mother is Mauritian, and a native of Cognac, France, then walked toward Bambous.

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In fact, this army officer of the French Air, who was on holiday in Mauritius since 6 July decided to go the pub with his sister and a few friends. One of the friends reveal that in morning hours on 16 July while he was still in the pub, Joachim became embroiled in a fight.

Security officers allegedly asked him to leave. «Il avait demandé à sa sœur de partir avec lui. Mais ensuite, Joachim s’est dirigé vers un restaurant qui se trouve à quelques mètres de Lakaz. Sa sœur est sortie peu après et a appelé un taxi pour qu’ils puissent rentrer. Joachim a toutefois refusé de monter à bord. Il voulait marcher…»

As the young man was familiar with the area, his relatives did not worry too much. «Il a l’habitude de faire du vélo dans la région pour regagner sa maison à Albion

On the next day when they had no news of him, they alerted the police of Bambous. The police continues to try to shed light on this mysterious affair, with the assistance of the Criminal Investigation Flic en Flac Division and bloodhounds of the Major Crime Investigation Team.