[Weird News] VIDEO: Can You Believe What Was Found Inside This SHARK’S Body?

In a video which has surfaced on the internet, a man is seen cutting open a dead shark and finds nearly 30 baby sharks inside which he releases into the water. The video that was uploaded on YouTube has gone viral with above 900,000 views!

Baby sharks are born with teeth and are born independent, ready to take care of themselves. Reportedly, as soon as sharks are born, they swim away from their mothers because sharks have the tendency to eat their own babies.

Sharks are known for their huge appetite. They can, in fact, eat even if they aren’t hungry if they find something they like. Reportedly, Greenland sharks and tigers sharks are found to have an insatiable appetite. They can eat a dead polar bear, suit of the knight’s armour, reindeer, number plates, tires, dogs, cameras, horses, and even fur coats if found. Tiger sharks eat so much that they’ve even been named ‘garbage guts’ reports Discovery UK.

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But not all sharks have such appetite, according to a study from James Cook University, coral reef sharks have a small appetite and eat small items like fish, mollusks, sea snakes, crabs etc.

Credit: The Indian Express