[Local News] Mysterious Death Of Joachim Paumero: The Frenchman Had Skull And Spinal Column Fractures

It’s confirmed: the Major Crime Investigation Team took over in the case.

An autopsy by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin revealed that the French military on holiday in the country died from multiple injuries. He had the skull and spine fractured. The thesis of a foul play is privileged.

The body of the French military was found in a pond in Mecque Medina, near Bambous on Friday night. It was his mother who identified the corpse. The latterwas reported missing since Friday the 15th of July.

Surveillance cameras saw the 26 year old Joachim Guiseppe Paumero leaving the pub in Cascavelle where he was evicted by bouncers. He later went in the direction of a fast food. They also showed pictures of a 4×4 and individuals that were surrounding him.