[People] Beer: New Price Known

PhoenixBev issued a statement on Monday afternoon August 1 to make public aware of the new prices of beers it produces. A 5% increase in excise duties on beer was announced in the 2016-2017 Budget.

PhoenixBev specifies that the new prices took effect on Monday.

With the 5% increase in excise duties on beer, 330 ML Phoenix beer bottle will sell at Rs 32 while the 650 ML will sell at Rs 59. The price of a Phoenix beer can will be Rs 37 .

Other beers produced by PhoenixBev are also affected by the increase. 650 ML Blue Marlin bottles and Stella Pils will sell at Rs 59 and Rs 57 respectively. The Guinness Foreign Extra Stout bottle will be sold at Rs 70.

As regards to other alcohol based products, the increase of excise duty amounts to 10%. Thus, the bottle of Smirnoff Red Ice will sell at Rs 52 while the can at Rs 54.