[Local News] Sodnac – Two Prostitutes Arrested In 24 Hours: “Je dois nourrir mon bebe”

The flesh trade is not about to stop. Two prostitutes were arrested by the Sodnac police on Friday when they trade their charms to customers.

Having no fixed workplace, they prefer to indulge in the oldest profession in the world. As night falls, they make themselves beautiful and go to the streets of Sodnac to lure customers. 30 year old Christelle Marie M. and 19 year old Jamilla J. go to the streets of the neighborhood to attract customers. The police of the locality conducted an operation to end the activities of these ladies who were unaware that they were monitored.

The police arrested Mr. Marie Christelle around 9:50 PM when the 30 year old woman approached a driver to trade her charms. This is not the first time that she has been stopped for prostitution. In December 2015, she was arrested for inciting men to immoral acts. She explained that she have two children to feed to the police. “Je vends mon corps pour nourrir mes gosses. Je ne peux attendre la fin du mois pour avoir des revenus. En une passe de 15 minutes, je touche facilement Rs 500.”

After her interrogation she was detained. She was brought before the Bail and Remand Court (BRC) on Saturday and was released on parole. She was charged with soliciting male for immoral purpose and fined on Monday.

Jamilla stopped a car and offered her services to the driver upon a payment of Rs 500 on Friday at around 00:05 AM. At the same time, police officers approached him and informed that she was committing an offense. She quickly confessed once brought to the Sodnac police station.She said that she has a seven months baby to feed and is short of money to the investigators: “Mo vann mo lekor pou gagn larzan pou nourri mo zanfan. Mo fer sa parski li enn travay fasil”. After her interrogation, she was detained. She appeared before the court in Rose Hill where she was charged with soliciting male for immoral purpose. She paid a fine of Rs 2000 before finding freedom.

The survey is conducted by Constable Mootoosamy and supervised by the inspector Appadoo and the SP Gokhul.