[Weird News] Video: Creepy Hospital Footage May Prove We All Have Souls

If you don’t believe in the after life, you just might change your opinion after watching this strange video.

At a hospital in China, surveillance footage has surfaced that may just prove that we all have souls. In the video, a woman is lying in bed with a white sheet draped over her body. Not long after the video starts, a shadowy, translucent figure can be seen sitting up off the bed. The ghostly figure then floats away and disappears into thin air!

The eerie CCTV footage was captured around 4 a.m. on July 20, 2014. While the video was from two years ago, the footage has just now made its way to YouTube as it was posted on July 27, 2016. The creepy video has already garnered more than 117,000 views on YouTube since being posted.

Watch video:

In another similar recent occurrence, one photographer seemed to capture the exact moment a man’s soul was leaving his body. The photo showed a ghostly figure above the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident, and since being posted on Facebook has sparked serious interest into whether these strange events are real encounters with another dimension.

Do you think this video proves the existence of the human soul, or do you believe that the footage could be part of an elaborate hoax?