[Local News] Camp-Fouquereaux: Four MSM Agents Assaulted By A Hooded Band

Four members of a socio-cultural association were assaulted in the evening of Monday, August 1 by a hooded band. According to these political agents working for the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) in constituency No. 15, the attack occurred around 10 PM. 29 year old Avinash Alhodur and 38 year old Roshan Jerhul, both residents of Phoenix, accompanied by brothers Yovin and Yoven Ramasamy , aged 28 and 27 years old respectively and living Floreal, were returning from a meeting of the Association for Ekta Veer in Camp -Fouquereaux, at the material time.

Nous discutions près de l’abribus lorsqu’une voiture blanche s’est arrêtée à notre hauteur,” says the vice president of the association, Avinash Alhodur. President of the association Roshan Jerhul was reached first.

They went to the police station to make a statement and were accompanied to Victoria Hospital for treatment on the same night. For them, there is no doubt that this is an attempt of intimidation.

On 27 July, the Ekta Veer association held a press conference at the St. George Hotel, where Roshan Jerhul and Avinash Alhodur criticized Showkutally Soodhun, Deputy Prime Minister and Member of Parliament No. 15. A statement from the MSM party was unsuccessful.