[Local News] Drug Trafficking: Heroin from Pakistan Worth Rs. 30 Million Seized

Two kilos of heroin arrived in Mauritius from Lahore on an Emirates flight in June 4. The fictitious recipient who lives in Mare-d’Albert has not claimed the parcel since six weeks. The drugs were intercepted by the men of sergeant Mohun from the Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) of Port Louis.

The package consisted of four large cardboard boxes containing towels and linens, in which two kilos of heroin were hidden. It arrived in Mauritius on June 4 from Lahore, Pakistan and had been sent on an Emirates flight.

In order not to arouse suspicion, investigators who were aware of the content of the package did not open it.

The package was addressed to a certain Mr. Swastee residing at Mare-d’Albert. But nobody showed up to retrieve it. According to information gleaned by the bloodhounds, there is no person named Swastee at the address mentioned. Members of the ADSU strongly believe that this is a fictitious name.

More than six weeks after its arrival in Mauritius, specifically on July 25, the package was opened and its contents confirmed. The officials of ADSU suspect the presence of a mole among those who were aware of this exercise. They believe that he would have alerted the importer of the drug of the danger he faces.