[Local News] Murder In Chemin Grenier: The Religious Man Dies After Three Weeks In Hospital

He tried to kill himself after strangling 21 year old Wendyna Narayanasawmy at Chemin-Grenier. Jean Julien Latchimy Hadji Marouff, a religious (aya) man from Reunion Island residing at Beau Vallon was admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital in Souillac. He died on Wednesday, August 3 after three weeks of hospitalization. An autopsy will be performed tomorrow on Thursday, August 4th.

The mother of Wendyna Narayanasawmy made the gruesome discovery on Tuesday July 19. The neighbors explain they heard the mother of Wendyna call for help on the day of the tragedy, . “Il y avait du sang partout. Le religieux était penché sur la fille, qui était inerte sur le sofa. Il voulait parler, mais il ne pouvait pas. Il a montré une lettre et une liasse de billets qu’il a sortie de sa poche,” said Renganaden Nursingen, neighbor of the victim.

The religious man was in Mauritius for about fifteen years. In the past he used to work in a temple in Flacq before moving. In the beginning,  his wife and three children were often present during the prayers he was doing in Mauritius. But a source confirms that the religious man had already begun his divorce proceedings in Reunion island.