[Local News] Beau Bassin Prison: Dharmarajsingh Sooknundun Found Dead, Family Do Not Believe In Natural Death

Dharmarajsingh Sooknundun, a former police sergeant arrested for importation of Rs 127 million worth of drug in May 2014, got an attack on Wednesday afternoon in his cell at the Beau-Bassin prison.

The emergency unit in Beau Bassin prison could only note his death. The sad news came like a bomb to his family members. They do not believe in natural death and demanded the presence of a private pathologist during the autopsy on Thursday.

The former sergeant, a resident of Notre Dame, Montagne-Longue, appeared before the Bail and Remand Court (BRC) in the wake of the drug importation case last Tuesday. His relatives said he was healthy in court. “Nous ne croyons pas à la thèse d’une mort subite. Li ti corek. Dans 2 ou 3 mois li ti pou sorti prison,” says an uncle.

According to the interviewed prisoners, the ex-sergeant collapsed. They alerted a guard and with the help of a prisoner, he was rushed to the prison hospital. Medical personnel noted that the former officer had passed away. The security guard was questioned and he did not see anything unusual. The Barkly police, led by Inspector Ramasawmy are investigating into the death. Relatives explained to the police that the prisoner spoke to his wife who is abroad on Wednesday morning.

The former sergeant was pinned in May 21 2014 after being denounced by 39 year old Subash Luchmun for the import of 8.5 kg heroin worth Rs 127 million. Dharmarajsingh Sooknundun was the sponsor of this drug. The former bloodhound of ADSU claimed that the suitcases were to contain gold and not heroin.