[Local News] Horror Night: Two Men Tortured And Sexually Abused

This is a bloodcurdling story. Two men, aged 23 and 32, say they were tortured and brutally assaulted by a band of people overnight. They revealed that they have also been infringed by a sex toy. This bloody story started because of the theft of a motorcycle.

“Nou inn gayn bate depi aswar ziska gramatin,” says 32 year old Dany. The plastered feet and hands and multiple bruises on his body testify the violence of the assault he suffered on the night of July 12 to 13. His 64 year old mother is at his bedside, weakened by the sad misfortune of her son and her little son.

“Ena lasonn ar li. Depi ki linn gayn bate, li pe bizin met kous,” she lamented, still in shock. This aggression happened against the backdrop of a theft allegation, says Dany. His nightmare began on July 12. On that day, his 23 year old Michael and he went to the capital to meet a woman. They then went at the woman’s place in Barkly when the two men received the visit of a group of individuals fulminating with rage. “Zot ti pe akiz nou ki nou finn kokin enn motosiklet kot sa madam la,” says Dany.

Blows and threats
They claim they did not steal anything. The nephew was then kidnapped and forced to enter into a car and they went in the direction of Port Louis. Without losing a second, Dany informed his brother Jean – Michael’s father – about the kidnapping of his son.

They immediately went to the capital to find the young man. They found him messed up in the middle of several individuals.

“So linz ti desire, li ti fini gayn bate. Depi dan loto zot inn koumans bat li,” said Dany. Jean managed to get his son away and fled with him in the car. However Dany found himself trapped by the alleged perpetrators.

They reportedly took him to the beach of Sable Noir. Dany was beaten once they were there. “Zot dir mwa si mo pa dir zot kot motosiklet la ete, zot pou touy mwa ek zot pou koup mo de lame,” said Dany.

Dany once again reiterated his innocence in the theft allegation. “Zot blok mo lipie pou mo pa sove. Zot bat mwa kout marto, lapins ek feray lor mo tibia. Mo ti pe gayn mari dimal, me zot inn kontinie tape,” emphasized the Beaubassinois.

Seeing that they were dealing with a burly, the alleged perpetrators decided to trace Michael. They went to New Grove to kidnap him again.

Jean then alerted the police of his son kidnapping. Meanwhile, the two victims were taken to Jin Fei in Riche-Terre where they were again beaten up and tortured. “Laba, tou dimounn inn bat nou kout marto, dibwa ek pins tir koulou,” says Dany. Unable to withstand the beatings, Michael finally revealed that he knew where the bike was. He led the attackers to a place but the two-wheeler was not there.

This made the attackers mad again and they went back to Jin Fei, where the torture continued. Dany says he did not think, at this point, that the worst was yet to come. Uncle and nephew were subsequently stripped. Their alleged attackers assaulted them sexually with a sex toy. “Zot finn san pitie. Monn trouv zot met sa sextoy la ek Michael pandan sink minit. Apre ti mo tour,” says the young man, still trembling.

Michael then provided another address where the motorcycle was to the abusers. “Li pa ti kapav tini sa bann tortir la ; samem linn dir ki li kone kot moto la été.” But it was not without consequences. They were taken to the beach of Bain des Dames where the bloody repression resumed. “Monn gayn enn kout marto dan latet, monn trouv nwar. Zot ti pe rod touy nou ek anter nou dan disab. Me enn sans bann peser ti pe vini, zot inn bizin aret bate.”

The leader of the band then sought the help of a policeman. They went in the direction of the Line Barracks Branch Police Station where they intended to denounce Dany and Michael for stealing the motorcycle. But the situation turned in favor of the victims once they reached the police station.

“Marse nou pa ki kapav. Lapolis inn amenn nou lopital lerla.”
Three of the alleged perpetrators have been placed under arrest because Michael’s father had filed a complaint for kidnapping a day before.
The suspects were handed over to the investigators of Rose Belle led by sergeant Ramjeeawon. During interrogation, under the supervision of the Superintendent Raheman and the Chief inspector Ramessur, the alleged perpetrators have denied the assault. After several days of detention, they were released on parole.