CCTV Shows Crazed Devil Dog Savaging More Than 20 People Including Eight-Year-Old Child In Two-Hour Rampage

A crazed dog had to be shot dead by police after it went on a rampage in which it savaged more that 20 people. Among its victims were an eight-year-old child and 75-year-old man.

CCTV shows the devil dog stalking a man down the street before it launches at him and subjects him to a horrific attack. The beast is seen sinking its teeth into the man, who desperately tries to fend it off.

The man attempts to bat it away, but the hell hound jumps into the air and clamps his jaws onto his arm

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He wrestles to get away, and finally manages to escape when he hits it on the head with his hat. Undeterred, the pooch continues its attack. It’s next victim is a woman, who cowers before the dog jumps at her.

She falls backwards into a car, but bravely fends it off with her bag.

Police finally arrive and the two-hour rampage, which took place in Guizhou Province in China, comes to an end when the dog is shot dead, CCTV News reports.