[Local News] Arrested For Money Laundering, Bryan Labonne: “L’argent provient de courses hippiques et…”

Where does the Rs 900,000 found at 25 year old Thomas Bryan Labonne in a compartment of a table at Residence Barkly on Monday, July 25 come from? During his interrogation, the young man explained and justified the origin of this large sum, suspected to be from drug trafficking.

“Les Rs 900 000 proviennent de courses hippiques et de deux commerces familiaux,” suggested Thomas Bryan Labonne to investigators of the Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) of Rose Hill. He argued that all the money belongs to him and he got it legally. He was in the presence of his lawyer Me Neshmi Balgobin Kandai. “Je gère la boutique familiale avec ma mère et donne également un coup de main dans élevage porcin que nous entretenons. Une partie de  l’argent provient de ces  activités.” The detectives now scrutinize financial transactions of these two operations.

The interrogation of Thomas Bryan Labonne continued on Thursday, August 4th. Much of this money comes from horse racing, he revealed. “Je parie aux courses et je gagne.” To confirm his words, he provided several races receipts to investigators of the drug squad. Investigators are now carrying an investigation to know how much he usually bet to make that much money.

Concerning the next step of the investigation, the detectives intend to hear from different bookmakers with whom Bryan Labonne used to place his bets. However, the young man who is on parole since 2015 has chosen to uphold his right to silence. He was held in police custody.

For two weeks now, Bryan Labonne from Residence Barkly is behind bars. Suspected to be a bigwig in drug trafficking in the region, he was closely monitored by the ADSU. On several occasions, various police units raided his house where they found nothing incriminating.

In July 25 around 11:00 AM, the Rose Hill drug squad discovered a compartment in a table that contained four plastic bags stuffed with wads of cash. The total amount was Rs 898 725. Sample suspected to be drugs were also taken. Analyses are underway at the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL).

The young Bryan Labonne has the support of his family. “Il n’a jamais été arrêté pour un quelconque délit de drogue. Il n’a rien fait de répréhensible.”