[Local News] Death Of Marouf Hadj Latchimy: His House And Temple Robbed

Two days after the death of Hadji Latchimy Marouf, his house and temple were robbed in Saint-Leu, Reunion Island. The National Gendarmery opened an investigation.

In Mauritius, the lawyer Said Larifou prepares for the response. He is determined to shed light on the death of his client and said saddened by this double tragedy. “C’est une histoire d’amour qui s’est terminée tragiquement,” says the lawyer who is assisted by Mr. Dick Sui Wa. Wendina Narasayasami was brutally stabbed on 19 July. The religious man also suspected of a rape, was considered the main suspect. He then attempted suicide by cutting his throat.

The autopsy performed by Drs Gungadin and Chamane concluded that Marouf Hadji Latchimy died of septicemia. The body of the religious man was repatriated and a post-autopsy will be held this Sunday. The lawyer intends to file a complaint in France.