[Local News] Domaine De Chazal, Chamouny: A Young Student Shyamal Sewraj Drowned

18 year old Shyamal Sewraj drowned while hiking at the Domaine de Chazal, Chamouny on Sunday afternoon. He was in the company of family and friends when he found himself in trouble in a basin.

The student, originally from Phoenix, visited Domaine de Chazal for a day of activities. In the program: climbing, zip line and visit the surroundings. It was shortly before 2 PM when Shyamal decided to take a dip in the pool water. However the swimming did not go well for him. His family tried to rescue him but in vain. He drowned and it was panic at that time.

The Chemin-Grenier police was immediately alerted. When they arrived at the scene, the body of the young man was already under water. The Mauritian Police Intervention Group was called at the scene to find him.

After one hour, the corpse is removed from the water which was found at a depth of four meters. The body was taken to Candos hospital where the autopsy attributed the death of the young man to asphyxia due to drowning.

There is consternation at Closel 1 street in Phoenix where Shyamal lived. His death is a great loss for his aunty. “Je ne sais pas ce qui s’est exactement produit sur place. La famille est très affectée. Son père est effondré.”

Another relative added that Shyamal Sewraj was very appreciated. “Li ti enn bon garson. Li kontan fer so laprier dan tamp.” His death afflicts his mother and sister. His funeral is scheduled on Monday.