[Local News] Flacq: A Lucky Man Can Build His House

One of three winners of the Lotto on Saturday went to pick up his check of Rs 8,538,860 at the headquarters of Ebene today. Unmarried and fifty year old, the winner is blissfully happy. “Je vais réfléchir à mes projets mais l’un de mes rêves est d’avoir ma maison,” he said. He works in the irrigation section for a sugar estate and revealed that he will continue to work.

He played for an amount of Rs 100 at Tabagie Tropicale in Poste de Flacq. The numbers he plays since the launch of Loto have brought him luck.

Lottotech remember that there are two winners who has still not been presented and encourages players to check their tickets and they can use the MauLoto application available on Google Play Store.