Nail-biting Moment Guards Snatch Boy From Train Tracks Seconds Before Freight Train Thunders Past

Railway security guards rushed to save the toddler after they spotted him playing on the line – with a locomotive seconds away.

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Railway guards managed to grab a toddler from train tracks just seconds before he would have been slammed into by a speeding freight train.

The security officers frantically sprinted to the tot’s aid after they spotted him playing on the line.

One of the men slipped and fell just before reaching the boy, 3, but regained his footing just in time to snatch the boy to safety.

The brave rescuer Arseniy Khazaryan, 56, said he had ‘never run so fast in his life” and thought the boy may have frozen on the spot when he saw the train.

The dramatic rescue, between the stations of Lazarevsk and Shepsi, near the city of Sochi in south-western Russia’s Krasnodar Krai region, was caught CCTV.