Lightning Strikes Train Causing Huge Explosion In Horrifying Footage Of Blazing Inferno

The amateur footage of the incident shows terrified passengers climbing out of the train and running away.

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The incredible moment a lightning bolt zapped a train have been captured on camera.

Passengers can be seen running for their lives after the bolt struck struck overhead powerlines seconds before a fire breaks out on the roof. The amateur footage of the incident in the ironically named western Russian town of Elektrogorsk – named after its own power station – shows several passengers climbing out of the train and running away.

The train had come to a halt just outside the town’s station and witnesses said they saw smoke starting to billow out from the roof of one of the carriages.

Other bystanders said that there were sparks flying from the power lines above, which they believe caused the fire to suddenly break out. A police spokesperson told local media: “A lightning bolt struck the train carriage near the station of Elektrogorsk. The lightning strike started the fire, but nobody got hurt.”

Reports said the incident caused a two-hour delay but service resumed as normal afterwards. Netizen ‘Arthur Petrov’ said: “The fire is not a big deal, the main thing is that everybody is alive.”

Elektrogorsk was founded in 1912 and named after its big peat-fired thermal power station – the first its kind in Russia.