[Local News] Corps-de-Garde: Vertical World To The Rescue Of A Goat!

Climbers for a team from the Vertical World Ltd firm conducted an unusual rescue on Tuesday, August 9th. At the end of last week, the inhabitants of the Corps-de-Garde region called them to try to save a goat. According to them, the animal was trapped on the mountain for three weeks.

Photo taken from the Vertical World's Facebook page showing where the goat is trapped.

After a first observation made last Saturday, a team of six professionals visited the site late in the afternoon on Tuesday. “Notre équipe nous a fait comprendre que l’opération est assez difficile. Apparemment, elle va tenter une descente en rappel puisque l’animal est tombé dans un endroit difficile d’accès. L’opération devrait se poursuivre à l’aide d’un filet,” says Ashwin Seetaram, Administrative and Commercial Manager at Vertical World Ltd.