[Local News] Corps-de-Garde: Youngsters Save A Goat Stuck At The Edge Of A Cliff

Six Vertical World Adventures youngsters specializing in “team building” and two volunteers rescued a goat at the edge of a cliff.

It took eleven hours to free the animal which was stuck for three weeks in a readily accessible location on the Corps de Garde mountain.

The operation began at 8 AM and ended around 7 PM. It took all the will and selflessness of this team to release the goat and bring him back to earth.

Vertical World Adventures Rescue A Goat At The Edge Of A Cliff

It was at the end of Ramadan that the inhabitants of the area were made aware of the presence of this animal on the Corps de Garde mountain. The owner of the goat and how it ended up there are still unknown.

But it is certain that all attempts to release the goat were unsuccessful.

On Monday, August 8, firefighters were summoned on site but they could do nothing. That’s when Ragoo Yasin, a young inhabitant of Camp Levieux, Stanley, and member of Vertical World Ltd, decided to climb the Corps de Garde mountain to save the animal. Firefighters gave a helping hand in the early evening because it was already dark and the operation was risky.

Vertical World Adventures Rescue A Goat At The Edge Of A Cliff 1

According to a close friend of Yasin Ragoo, Paws (Protection of Animals Welfare Society) expressed their wish to rescue the animal in case it would have suffered injuries.

“L’exercice était périlleux. Ces jeunes ont dû apporter de quoi se nourrir dans le sac, car ils ne sont pas descendus durant l’opération. Je me demande comment le bouc a pu survivre pendant tous ces jours passés sur cette falaise où il n’y a rien, même pas une botte d’herbe !

“L’animal se serait jeté dans le vide s’il avait tenté d’avancer. Finalement, ces jeunes ont eu l’ingénieuse idée de lancer une botte d’herbe accrochée à un hameçon pour capturer l’animal.

“Ils ont alors utilisé un filet dans lequel ils l’ont placé pour le ramener au pied de la montagne,” said a resident of Roches-Brunes, who attended the operation.

The animal was given to the police officers.