[Local News] Medical Negligence: 15 Doctors In Front Of The PSC

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is called upon to decide on the case of 15 doctors. They have been found guilty of medical negligence by the Medical Disciplinary Tribunal during the past five years.

During this period, the Medical Council has handled 290 complaints of alleged medical negligence. 171 of them were removed for lack of evidence. Thirteen doctors were given severe warnings, having been convicted of minor offenses, while 17 were heard before the Medical Disciplinary Tribunal. The fate of 15 doctors found guilty of medical negligence is in the hands of the PSC. The Medical Council has also opened an investigation, through its three investigation cells, to shed light on some fifty cases reported.

An informed source said that most reported cases involve the departments of surgery and gynecology. While in some cases warnings were issued for minor faults, other cases involved loss of life. This applies when the doctor has not been able to save either the baby or the mother during labor. The issuance of false medical certificates is also monitored under the microscope. Five members of the medical department are in the cross-hairs of the Medical Council. In such a situation, the case is referred to the police for investigation.

Dr. Deepchand from the Medical Council said that the cases referred to the PSC may result in suspension, a ban on promotion and a cancellation of the College of Physicians. However, he stressed that the Ministry of Health is informed of any application of sanctions.

Dr. Wasseem Ballam, president of the Medical Health Officers Association, regretted that doctors were found guilty of offenses: “Toute négligence médicale prouvée par un tribunal est condamnable.”