[Local News] Mont Roches: 18 Year Old Kovalen Veerapen Died In A Motorcycle Accident

The road made its 85th victim since the beginning of the year. Kovalen Veerapen, 18, died on Monday in Mont-Roches. His motorcycle crashed into a parked truck. The young man died instantly.

The drama occurred around 6 AM. The motorcycle on which he was with a friend hit a truck. He did not survive the violence of the impact. The passenger was seriously injured and was admitted to the intensive care unit of Victoria hospital in Candos. His condition is considered serious.

According to our information, a truck was parked near a trade in Mont-Roches. For unexplained reasons, the two young motorcyclists were rammed into the back of the truck. Kovalen Veerapen and his friend were thrown against the tires.

Delicate operation
Passersby then informed the Barkly police. The passenger, meanwhile, was taken to hospital in Candos where he underwent a delicate operation. As for the body Kovalen Veerapen, he was taken to the morgue. An autopsy by Dr. Sailesh Coomar Baichoo attributed the death to multiple injuries.

The truck driver was taken to the Barkly police station. He argued that he can not explain how the accident occurred. “Je m’étais arrêté pour acheter à manger lorsque les deux jeunes ont heurté le camion,” said the inhabitant of Crève-Cœur to the police. He was subjected to a breath test which proved negative. The man appeared in court in Rose-Hill in an interim charge of manslaughter. He was released after providing a deposit of Rs 5000 and signed an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 25,000.

Deva’s father Kovalen Veerapen says he saw his son for the last time on Sunday. “C’était un passionné de musique. Il voulait être disc-jockey. Il avait fêté ses 18 ans le 25 juin. Dimans linn dir mwa li pe al zwe lamizik. Me li pann retournn lakaz,” he says.

The Barkly police has opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of the accident.