[Local News] Vallée-des-Prêtres: Two Suspects Arrested

After the incidents in Vallée-des-Prêtres on Thursday August 4, Abercrombie police arrested two suspects: 40 year old Jean-Marc Clarel Quirin and 32 year old Louis Stéphane Chadigan. The two men reside in Tranquebar and are suspected of assaulting a father and his 15 year old son. The constable who arrested Jean-Marc Clarel Quirin during a body search found three bottles of methadone in his possession. A third suspect is sought.

Taken to the police station in Abercrombie, Jean-Marc Clarel Quirin and Louis Stéphane Chadigan acknowledged that they fought with the inhabitants of Vallée-des-Prêtres and relatives. They were then brought before the correctional court of Port-Louis. The first suspect was charged with assault with intent and possession of dangerous drugs. The second suspect was also charged with assault with intent. The police objected to their release on bail.

According to the alleged victim Reaz, the case is part of a simple perfume history. “J’étais allé récupérer un parfum chez quelqu’un, mais il n’était pas chez lui. Zot inn menas pou vinn kot mwa avek enn lekip.” He added that two vehicles stopped in front of his gate. “Il y avait huit personnes environ. Munis de sabres, de barres de fer et de couteaux, ces hommes ont agressé mon fils de 15 ans et moi,” he added.