[International News] A Journalists Bus Targeted In Rio

An official bus carrying journalists accredited at the Olympics in Rio was targeted on Tuesday night and two of its windows shattered under the impact of bullets or stones, told AFP an Argentine journalist who was on board.

“We have had impacts on the right side of the bus, two windows were broken. A journalist from Belarus was wounded in the hand by the glass break,” he told AFP Gaston Sainz, a reporter of the daily Argentine La Nacion . “We do not know if it was bullets or stones,” continued the reporter.

“We threw ourselves to the ground and two kilometers later, the police arrived and escorted us to the MPC (note: the Games media center)”. The attack occurred around 20:00 at the height of the big favela “City of God” (west), known as one of the most violent in Rio, between the Olympic Deodoro center and press center (MPC) Olympic Park in Barra.