[Local News] Anil Gayan: “Aucune preuve que les drogues de synthese peuvent causer la mort”

The Health Minister Anil Gayan spoke again about the situation of synthetic drugs in Mauritius.

Anil Gayan said this time that there is no evidence that can truly prove that these types of drugs can be fatal.

“Il n’y a aucune preuve scientifique que les drogues de synthèse peuvent causer la mort,” said Anil Gayan on Tuesday, August 9 at the National Assembly in response to a question from Zouberr Joomaye, MMM MP No. 13 [Rivière-des -Anguilles-Souillac].

Anil Gayan then understand that the deteriorating drug situation in Mauritius is especially being felt in the previous government led by PTr “Mais nous avons eu le courage d’instituer une commission d’enquête sur la drogue.”

The Minister of Health was supported by his colleague Ravi Rutnah, MP Muvman liberater of No. 7 [Piton-Rivière-du-Rempart], who added that it was in 2010 that “we have witnessed the rise of the hard drug in Mauritius.”

Visibly shocked by the Anil Gayan position on this issue that continues to make the headlines for several months, the Mouvement patriotique MP Alan Ganoo intervened.

Alan Ganoo told Anil Gayan that an employee of Brown-Sequard hospital comes to testify before the commission of inquiry into drugs and decried the impact of synthetic drugs.

“On a tendance à exagérer,” then replied the minister Anil Gayan.

The parliamentary question was concluded by a remark from MP Ravi Rutnah “Bann paren osi bizin aprann pran kont zot zanfan”.

This is not the first time that Anil Gayan thoughts on synthetic drugs is controversial. In the recent days, he said the situation was not alarming.