[Local News] Fake Driving License – The Second Suspect Avinash Ampledy Anthi-Iya Arrested By the Police

Avinash Ampledy Anthi-Iya, 24, was wanted by the criminal brigade of Port Louis South for more than two months. Suspected of involvement in the making of false license, he introduced himself to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Port Louis South as a result of family pressure.

After the arrest of Mudashir Gurreebun, alleged mastermind in making fake driving license on Monday, July 18, his partner Avinash Ampledy Anthi-Iya, a mechanic who was wanted by the police, was arrested on Tuesday. Knowing he was wanted, Avinash Ampledy Anthi-Iya was nowhere to be seen. He finally decided, at the request of his relatives, to go to the police.

The young man, who lives with her stepmother in Cité Barkly, was extensively questioned by investigators. “Je savais que la police me recherchait, mais j’avais peur. Monn vinn rann lekor parski fami ti pe met presyon. Je travaillais comme agent pour Mudashir. Je cherchais des clients pour lui. Les prix de faux permis variaient. Un permis de motocyclette et voiture coûtait Rs 5 000. Et pour un faux permis pour camion ou autobus, le prix était de Rs 7 000,” Avinash said.

He said he gets a commission of Rs 500 to Rs 700 per client. According to him, he brought around 25 customers to Mudashir Gurreebun and got more than Rs 10,000 as commission.

Manufacturing fake license for 5 years
After his interrogation, Avinash Ampledy Anthi-Iya was brought at the home of her stepmother where a search was conducted by detectives. Nothing incriminating was found. After the search, the mechanic was brought to the CID office in Port Louis South for further interrogation. Then he was allowed to leave. He will be presented on Wednesday in Port Louis court to be charged.

Mudashir Gurreebun was arrested on 18 July. He confessed making fake driving license for five years. A dozen of these fake documents is in use. He is still in detention.

On June 16, the criminal brigade of Port Louis South raided a house in the Ten Kwen street in Port Louis. A hundred pictures of individuals, several pieces of identification, electronic devices, paper used for making fake licenses, fake stamps of the Traffic Branch of the police and papers containing forged signatures of a Police sergeant had been discovered.

The survey, conducted by Constable Jeeavoo, is under the supervision of SP Sailesh Kumar Behary.