[Local News] Souillac SSS: College Girls Angry Due To The Lack Of Schoolbus

The lack of a school bus at the Souillac State Secondary School after school hours on Wednesday afternoon 10 August angered the college girls. They were thus forced to remain in the school yard, and for more than 45 minutes.

The bus that did not reach the school yard is the National Transport Company (NTC) bus that transports schoolgirls to the following regions: Grand-Bois, Bois-Chéri and Rose-Belle.

Riyaz, a student’s parent, did not hide his anger at this situation. He explains that he had to leave his workplace to fetch her daughter:

“Pena recteur dan lekol. Ena zis enn usher ki pe telefonn a goss a drwat. Pourtan, garaz CNT à quelques mètres du collègue,” he fumed.

And another parent of a student added: “SSS Souillac inn fini 14 h 30. Inn ariv 15 heures pena bis lekol. Bravo transpor gratis.”

Many students have had to rely on their parents to inform them of the situation while others had to rush to the Souillac bus station to be able to go home.

Asked for a reaction, an employee of the Central Traffic Office of the NTC confirmed the situation. He said the bus that was to pick up the girls at Souillac SSS delayed on Wednesday afternoon August 10:

“Je viens de parler au superviseur. Nous allons instituer une enquête pour connaître la raison de ce retard,” he says.