[Politic] Paul Berenger: “C’est une honte que Roshi Bhadain soit toujours ministre”

“Se enn la hont ki Bhadain ankor minis” fumed the Leader of the Opposition and the MMM Paul Berenger in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon August 10 at Hennessy Park Hotel in Ebene.

Paul Berenger has also explained his decision to withdraw his Private Notice Question (PNQ) on Wednesday, August 10 at the National Assembly; PNQ on the drop of Heritage City project.

He says he has sent this PNQ to the Finance Minister Pravind Jugnauth, as the latter has under his responsibility the State Land Development Company (SLDC).

At the last minute, it was decided that the Minister of Good Governance Roshi Bhadain who would answer the PNQ.

However, this decision did not please Paul Berenger: «Je ne suis pas allé de l’avant avec la PNQ quand j’ai appris que c’est Roshi Bhadain qui allait répondre. C’est une honte qu’il soit toujours ministre. “Ek sa sityasion la se akoz sir Anerood Jugnauth”.»