Vacoas: Father And Daughter Attacked By Fake CEB Officers

Three men attacked a man aged 57 and his daughter at their home in Vingta No 1 Moderne around 11 AM on Tuesday August 9. The assailants posed as employees of the Central Electricity Board (CEB).

They presented themselves to the victim saying there were adjustments to make in electrical wires. The man who suffers from a slight handicap opened the door without any suspicion. One of the individuals then assaulted him and asked him to hand over the money found in his home. Another man threatened his daughter and told her to keep silent. The father with no choice complied. He then handed over the sum of Rs 50,000 that was found in a wallet to the attackers who fled afterwards.

The complainant gave a statement to the police. He was treated at a clinic.

Hours later, a 28 year old driver residing in Flacq informed the Vacoas police station that individuals approached him and threatened him with a knife. The driver had no choice than to drop them at the destination they wanted to go, that is in Bambous. The Vacoas criminal police took up the case and has opened an investigation. After being extensively questioned by investigators, the young man was allowed to go home. The two cases are linked, police concluded.