Agen: After 10 Months In Hospital He Finds Cannabis Plants In His Apartment

A septuagenarian, hospitalized for ten months, was surprised on Tuesday to find cannabis plants in his bathroom, according to police sources.

The septuagenarian was stupefied to find the locks of his apartment changed and he immediately called the police who visited the site accompanied by a locksmith. Once in the apartment, they were all faced with an intruder and discovered a cannabis plantation in the bathtub, with infrared lamps and all equipment required for cultivation.

The intruder initially told the police that he rented the apartment from a Spanish national without rental agreement or lease. He then said he found the apartment open and settled there with his stepbrother, who arrived at the scene in the meantime.

Both fake “tenants” of 46 and 50 year old from Marmande and known to police for drug cases, are actually suspected of breaking into this housing, marked as unoccupied and taking possession of places.

Placed in police custody, the two men were released and will appear in criminal court in December for trespassing and violation of the law on narcotics.