[Local News] Camp Diable: A Man Arrested For Possession Of Cannabis

The ADSU has arrested a resident of Camp Diable after a search at his home yesterday. He had in his possession a bag containing 127 cannabis seeds and 5 packets of cannabis. In addition, several psychotropic drugs without medical prescriptions were seized. He is still in police custody.

At Vallée des Prêtres, the ADSU uprooted 21 cannabis plants measuring between 5 and 17 cm during the day yesterday. The farmer is unknown for now.

At Deep River, the ADSU with the help of Helicopter Squadron has uprooted 25 cannabis plants measuring between 15 and 90 cm in a sugarcane field.

In a forest area in Plaine des Roches, 53 cannabis plants measuring between 15 and 90 cm were uprooted. The farmer is still unknown.

Furthermore, in the south of the country in Rivière des Galets, 17 cannabis plants measuring between 30 to 60 cm have been uprooted.

An investigation has been opened in all cases.