[Local News] Theft With Violence On A 73 Year Old Taximan

A 73 year old taxi driver residing in New Grove has been robbed with violence in the early evening of Wednesday 27 July. Four individuals boarded his car before assaulting him and stole Rs 2000. The suspects have been arrested.

Rajen (pseudonym) has been working as a taxi driver for over fifty years. He operates in the area of Rose-Belle. He was the victim of a robbery on Wednesday, July 27.

Rajen was on his way home around 6 PM when four men made signs to him and he stopped his car. “Ils m’ont dit qu’ils devaient se rendre à Plaine-Magnien,” reports the driver. He picked them up unknowingly of the danger that awaits him and took the direction of the highway towards Plaine Magnien. “Un des passagers m’a demandé de m’arrêter car il disait avoir une envie pressante. Dès que je suis arrivé sur une partie éclairée de l’autoroute, je me suis exécuté. Je me doutais qu’il y avait anguille sous roche,” he adds.

A piece of cloth on the face
“Lorsque je me suis arrêté, ils m’ont mis un morceau de tissu sur le visage. Trois d’entre eux sont sortis de la voiture. Ils m’ont roué de coups et m’ont pris Rs 2 000 que j’avais dans une poche,” said Rajen. He somehow protected himself and alerted motorists. “Monn signal bann lezot loto avec full phare. De loto inn arete. Bann bandi-la inn sove. Enn inn tonbe e finn resi trap li,” says the septuagenarian. Despite the pain, Rajen rushed to the Plaine-Magnien police station to record a statement.

Namaderam Chedumbrum Pillay is the first suspect arrested. He was taken to the office of the Criminal Investigation Division of Plaine-Magnien. He acknowledged his participation in the robbery and was taken to the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Rose-Belle where he was admitted for medical treatment. He appeared in court of Mahebourg under a provisional charge of “larceny more than two in number” after being released by the hospital. The police objected to his release on bail.

Bhugwanduth Sharma, 19, was another suspect arrested. Two other juvenile suspects aged 15 were also sent to jail in the case. They confessed their participation in the robbery. The victim was able to recover Rs 1,300 of the Rs 2,000 stolen.

The taxi driver was admitted to hospital where he spent five days under observation before being released. Relatives of the victim say they fear for his safety because this is not the first time that the septuagenarian is a victim of such aggression.