[Local News] A Fetus Of Months Found In A Toilet, Belinda Charge Before Court

Belinda (pseudonym), 33, was arrested by police on Tuesday, August 9 at Stanley. This mother of two is suspected of abortion.

On August 6, she went to Victoria Hospital because she was suffering from bleeding. The doctor who examined her found that something was wrong and suspected the woman of performing an abortion. He therefore informed the police. Belinda was admitted meanwhile. She was released from the hospital on August 9 but had to go to the Stanley Police Station.

When questioned, she confessed her crime to the police by saying she was pregnant for two and a half months. “Je ne voulais pas d’un autre enfant. C’est pourquoi le 25 juillet j’ai pris des comprimés abortifs. Je saignais beaucoup. J’ai jeté le fœtus dans les toilettes.”

She bled for several days, which forced her to go to hospital for treatment.

After her interrogation, Belinda was allowed to leave. She appeared before the court in Rose Hill the next day where she was charged with illegal abortion. She was released on bail.