[Local News] A Prisoner Costs Rs 750 Per Day To The State

In 2015, the average prison population was 2,128 prisoners in 12 detention centers, including those for women and minors in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

These figures were made public on Friday, August 12 in Mauritius Statistics of crime report for 2015.

Each prisoner costs Rs 750 per day to the state, notes Statistics Mauritius.

The report stresses that the 2907 admissions to prisons of which a vast majority, that is,  1,976 are repeat offenders.

Some figures in the report by Statistics Mauritius:

  • 1279 people in prison in 2015 for non-payment of fines
  • Two escaped in 2015
  • Staff in prisons consists of 1139 officers
  • The prison system has cost Rs 343 million to the state in 2015 (0.6% of total government expenditure)