[Local News] Accident A Poudre D’or Hamlet: Tragic End For Policeman Ashley Appadoo

Ashley Appadoo residing Piton, 22, was killed in a road accident that occurred in Poudre d’Or Hamlet on Friday afternoon August 12th.

The young police officer was riding his motorcycle when he was hit by a car driven by a 42 year old teacher residing Surinam. He was subjected to a breath test which proved negative.

Arrested by the police, the driver of the car will be presented to the Mapou Court for his provisional indictment charge.

The lifeless body of the police officer was taken to the morgue where an autopsy will be performed later in the day.

Police has opened an investigation to establish the circumstances of the accident. The investigation is placed under the responsibility of police assistant commissioner (ACP) Domah and inspector Chacooree.