[Local News] Camp-Levieux: Three Offenders Accused Of Stealing A Magician’s Bird

Charlene Lamoureux, 22, Wendy Paul André, 27, and Ivy Marie Babet Linda, 29, all wanted since July 30 were suspected of having stolen the birds of the magician Vassen Annamalai, trained to participate in the magic shows.

It’s been two months since Vassen Annamalai, 57, has been biting his blood. Birds that the magician bought have all disappeared. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, during an operation at Rose Hill, Stanley and Sodnac, police arrested three offenders suspected of stealing these birds.

Charlene Lamoureux, 22, Wendy Paul André, 27, and Linda Ivy Babet, 29, were sent to jail for a theft committed at the magician’s place in Camp Levieux. They stole the two birds whose value is estimated at Rs 10,000 in July 30.

Surveillance cameras

“Ces oiseaux coûtent cher, explique Vassen Annamalai. Je les achète toujours par paire. J’étais découragé de me faire voler mes outils de travail. Je les entraînais pour mes tours de magie. À chaque fois, on me les vole et tout est à refaire. Une fois entrainés, ces oiseaux valent deux fois leur prix.”

Determined to identify these thieves, he installed surveillance cameras. “J’ai installé des caméras, puis j’ai porté plainte. Les images vidéo ont aidé à retrouver les voleurs qui n’hésitaient pas à briser les portes cadenassées pour entrer dans ma cour. Depuis, j’ai sécurisé mes installations,” says Vassen Annamalai.

The three suspects have confessed. Wendy Paul André appeared before the court in Rose Hill on Thursday and was charged with theft. Charlene Lamoureux and Ivy Linda Babet are accused of complicity ( ‘aiding and abetting’).

Questioned by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Camp Levieux, they confessed that they were watching while their accomplice entered the courtyard of the magician. Wendy Paul André has himself confessed to having sold the precious birds. The police objected to their release on parole and brought back to the police cell.

Several units of the Western Division, the CID Camp-Levieux, Rose Hill, Barkly, Coromandel, the Special Supporting Unit and the Dog Unit were mobilized during the operation that started at 11 PM and ended at 5 AM.