[Exclusive Video] Fraud: Two Young Men Argues With Shopkeeper Over Change Of Money Not Received

The two young men were identified and arrested with the help of Brisee Verdiere police. The CCTV recording was sent to the police station and an investigation was opened to find the two young men.
After their arrest, they confessed performing the fraud at the shop on that particular day and several others around the island.
Their mode of operation was simple and clever. They enter any shop randomly and hand over a note of Rs 1000 to the shopkeeper to buy any article valued at Rs 100.

Watch video:

And whilst the shopkeeper return them the change of money (Rs. 900) they deliberately distract the shopkeeper and set up a scene prior to fervently argue that they did not receive the exact amount. However, the exact money was given to them as shown in the video. Moreover, the young man swiftly hides the money while the other one is busy arguing with the shopkeeper. 

They finally ask their money back and grow intimidating and aggressive on purpose to finally get their Rs.1000 note back. This has happened at several shops around the island and the young men confessed being behind them.

A lady were among them on that day who witnessed the scene.