[Local News] FMD: The 20,000 Vaccine Doses Ordered Will Not Be Used

The vaccination campaign against FMD will supposed to begin on Saturday, August 13 as planned.

Dr. Deodass Meenowa, chief veterinarian at the Department of Agribusiness, however indicates that the 20,000 vaccine doses ordered “will not help in the fight” against FMD.

Reason: the results provided by a laboratory in France to the Mauritian authorities on Saturday, August 13 revealed the presence of another type of virus associated with FMD.

Samples were sent to the laboratory for analysis.

According to Dr. Deodass Meenowa, the results of the French laboratory demonstrate that another type of vaccine will be needed to counter the spread of foot and mouth disease raging in Mauritius and Rodrigues, affecting many farm animals [oxen, goats, sheep, pigs].

The problem is that 20,000 doses of vaccine have already been ordered and 10,000 doses were destined for Rodrigues Island.

Dr. Deodass Meenowa revealed he does not know about the price paid for the doses when asked about the cost.