Road Accident In Piton: A 5 Year Old Girl Severely Injured

A panic scene was observed in Piton on Thursday after a road accident. A five year old girl who lives in the town was hit by a car after she suddenly let go the hand of her aunt to cross the road to join his grandfather.

Seriously wounded in the hand, leg and head, the child was taken to the SSRN hospital in Pamplempousses. Her health condition stabilized on Friday.

Annuradha, her mother, said she was at her workplace when her husband called to inform her of the tragedy. “Il est venu me récupérer et nous nous sommes immédiatement rendus à l’hôpital,” says the 26 year old mother.

“Mon enfant était avec sa tante qui possède un salon à Piton. Toutes deux rentraient à la maison. Lorsque ma fille a aperçu son grand-père de l’autre côté de la rue, elle a lâché la main de sa tante et a traversé en courant. Cette dernière n’a malheureusement pas eu le temps de la rattraper. Ma fille a été heurtée par une voiture.”
As for the driver of the vehicle, he was subjected to a breath test which proved negative. When questioned by investigators, the 63 year old inhabitant of Gokhoola said he was driving towards Piton when the child arose before him. He says he tried to avoid her, but in vain.