[Exclusive] L’esperance: A Sex Video Found In The Cell Phone Seized After A Couple Were Caught Half Naked In A Sugarcane Field

The woman was moaning and, apparently, the randy pair “were still going strong” when a motorist stopped to call the police at L’Esperance near Quartier Militaire on Sunday August 14. He told them that he heard ‘bizarre’ noises in a sugarcane field and perhaps, someone needed help.

Man In Sugarcane Field


On arriving at the scene, a man came out from the field half naked followed by a young lady. Questioned, the man told the police officers that it is the sugarcane field property of his ‘uncle’ and they were having some ‘fun’.

They were both taken to the nearby police station for identification purposes. The police has initiated an investigation to know the owner of the sugarcane field. The couple could be charged for intruding a private property and having sex in public.


The mobile phone of the young man was seized for interrogation purposes. The young man was called at the police station after a video showed the couple having sex in the sugarcane field. Later, the young man admits that he filmed the act for ‘fun’.

The police officers told him that keeping such videos are prohibited by law. And he could face a minimum of 5 years in prison and up to Rs. 1 million in fine. He was then released after being brainwashed. The mobile phone was also given back to him, according to a source.