[Local News] Arsenal: He Steals Money From His Mother And Sentenced For Two Months In Prison

A 71 year old resident of Arsenal was rocked after noting that the money she saved for her surgery vanished. The author of the theft is none other than her son who confessed and was sentenced to two months in prison.

“Li prefer mo mor akoz kas,” says annoyed Mala (name changed). The septuagenarian who is of frail nature can hardly move because she suffers from a kidney cyst since four years. Moreover, after several back and forth to the hospital, her doctor advised her to have surgery at a clinic as the cyst represents a “danger” for her. Mala says that the cost of the surgery amounts to Rs 55,000.

For over a year, the septuagenarian managed to save Rs 40,000. She hid the money in her pillow. “Mo koup mo lorye ek mo met kas-la ladan. Apre mo koud li mo garde. Dernie fwa monn konte, ti ena Rs 40 000,” said Mala, who fell from the clouds on Sunday after noticing that the money was missing.

She alerted her three daughters and filed a complaint at the police station in Terre Rouge on Tuesday. The same day, members of the Criminal Investigation Division arrested the son of Mala. Parmanand R., 59, alias Manoj, confessed and told investigators that he spent the money in gambling houses and the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

“Linn prefer met mo lavi an danze pou diverti”
Mala is still in disbelief. She says, in tears, that her son stole her joy. “Manoj finn deza fini touy mwa. Linn prefer met mo lavi an danze pou diverti. Mo nepli kapav dormi, mo leker fermal kan mo panse ki se mo zanfan kinn kokin mo larzan. Mo plore. Zame mo pou pardonn li,” says the septuagenarian.

She also said her son has a habit of attacking her, but she never complained to not “tarnish the reputation” of her family. Moreover, Mala always forgive Manoj as he was her only son. “J’ai silencieusement subi les coups de mon fils. Maintenant je le regrette amèrement. Si je l’avais dénoncé plus tôt, nous n’en serions pas là aujourd’hui. ”

The one who thought her son would care for her in her old age said to have heavily deceived her. “Monn donn li tou seki li bizin dan so lavi. Zordi, li prefer mo mor akoz kas,” she says. Mala is currently at one of her daughters’ place who lives in the same locality. They are today asking help from the generosity of people to come to their aid.

“Je demande aux membres du public d’aider ma mère pour qu’elle puisse subir cette opération, car sa vie est en danger. Nous ne voulons pas la perdre, car elle est notre raison de vivre. Ceux qui veulent nous apporter leur soutien peuvent appeler au 5707 8346,” said the eldest daughter of Mala.

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The son sentenced to two months in prison
Parmanand R. appeared in court in Pamplemousses on Wednesday where a charge of theft was brought against him. He was sentenced to two months in prison. Mala feared for her safety because her son is violent. “J’ai peur de ce qu’il peut faire en sortant de prison, car je ne le reprendrai pas chez moi.” The investigation is supervised by the Inspector Derochoonee and ACP Domah.