[Local News] Beauty Salon In Sodnac: Hairdresser – “Je devais aussi proposer des extras aux clients”

The primary function of a beauty salon: offering massages and hair care. However, it seems that the owner of such an establishment located in Sodnac, Candos asks his employees to provide “extras” services to customers for a fee.

That is the assertion of Christelle (name changed), a hairdresser in Sodnac detained by the police on Tuesday August 9 during a raid in a beauty salon that was under surveillance for some time.

The woman, aged 30, was in a cab with a client. The latter was also arrested. During questioning, the man argued that he went to the salon for a massage and Christelle offered him sexual services.

Massage at Rs 400
“Après le massage, j’ai payé Rs 400 à la coiffeuse. Elle m’a ensuite proposé ses services sexuels. Mais j’ai refusé,” he said to investigators. He added  that this was the first time he went there for a massage. After his interrogation, he was allowed to go home.

As for Christelle and her two colleagues, they were taken to Sodnac Police Station where they were interviewed. The woman told investigators that it’s been two months that she works as a hairdresser in the beauty parlor. She argues that at first she hesitated to accept the work but she says she had no other choice but to accept this job to support her needs.

In her testimony, Christelle revealed that she offered extra “services” to customers in the past. She stressed that she offered extra services to 5 customers against payment. “Mon patron m’a dit que je dois plaire aux clients, en leur proposant mes services sexuels. Je n’ai fait que suivre ses instructions, pensant que c’était légal,” says the young woman.

It is the boss who opens the beauty parlor early in the morning. “Ce n’est qu’aux alentours de 17 heures qu’il revenait pour récupérer la recette du jour. Je croyais que le fait de proposer des services sexuels aux clients faisait partie de mon travail. Si mo ti kone sa travay-la ilegal, zame mo pa ti pou fer sa,” she told investigators.