[Local News] GRSE: Burglars Broke Into The Car Of Devina Rummun Chapman And Husband

Devina Rummun Chapman and her husband were both shocked after seeing the state of their car and all precious materials along with documents disappeared from inside.

The couple say to have lived a nightmare last Sunday at GRSE after they parked their car on the main road. It was around 4:30 PM when they went down to see the waterfall. They returned to reach their car within 15 mins.

Burglars Broke Into Car And Steal Almost Everything

However, they were astonished to notice that burglars broke into their car and stole almost everything found inside including a laptop, two suitcases and loads of other things they bought to bring home with them as present.

They had money and all important documents hidden in Devina’ handbag under the front passenger seat and there was a pack of water and beer behind the seat. But the burglars were clever enough to steal the handbag and another bag with all her make up, perfumes, jewelry and hair dryer.

Their car keys and house keys were also stolen. Devina’s passport, Mauritian ID card, Mauritian driving license, international driving license, UK biometric card, Halifax bank cards, MCB bank card were found in a purse which was stolen as well. 

The case has been reported to the police and an investigation has been opened to find the culprits. Devina has hope that someone can find their materials, especially people from the region of GRSE, in dustbins, sugarcane fields or somewhere on the streets. Please contact the police if you find someone suspicious selling materials mentioned above.