[Exclusive] Ile-Aux-Cerfs: A 12 Year Old Drowning Boy Rescued By NGC Lifeguards

This dramatic scene was pictured at Ile-Aux-Cerfs as a call comes in to save a 12-year-old boy who was struggling to keep a float out at sea. The incident occurred today August 15 at Ile-Aux-Cerfs when a 12 year old boy finds himself in difficulties at sea.

The rough water and strong rip meant the youngster was treading water to stay alive as the current was too strong to swim back to the beach. A team of lifesaving guards from the National Coast Guard (NGC) jumped into action to rescue the boy in time.

Boy Rescued At Sea

The picture, taken from a head cam of one of the men, captures the moment the boy is plucked from the sea. A second lifeguard then gives the boy a flotation aid to help the youngster back to a boat.

No harm was caused to the young boy who was rescued in time. The NGC has forwarded the case to the Trou D’eau Douce police station where actions might be taken against the parents of the child if found guilty for not monitoring their child.