[Local News] Flacq: Four Youngsters Arrested For Fondling And Sexual Harassment On Minor

Four young man aged between 19 and 25 years old are having a hard time. They were arrested on Wednesday by the Flacq police officers. A 13 year old girl accused them of sexual touching. The minor was under the influence of alcohol when the young men indecently assaulted her on Monday in the region of Flacq.
The student, who lives in a village in the east, was returning from tuition when a car stopped beside her. A friend of her and three other people were on board of the car. The friend asked her to sit in the car to drop her home.

According to the girl, the young men were drinking alcohol in the car. The four men then allegedly forced her to drink alcohol. She said she had no choice but to comply with their requirements. Then she fainted and the young men allegedly indecently assaulted her. They abandoned her near a garage in the locality after assaulting her.

According to the victim, it was her father who transported her to the Flacq Hospital where she was admitted. The Flacq Police were alerted. The girl told investigators that unknown persons had assaulted her initially in her statement.

But on Tuesday, she changed her testimony. She then argued that four individuals have indecently assaulted her while she was drunk. “Zot inn dir mwa koz menti pou ki zot pa gagn problem. Paniquée, j’ai menti à la police,” she told investigators.

The Flacq police arrested four suspects on Wednesday. They all denied the allegations against them. They appeared in court in Flacq where an interim charge of indecent assault was brought against them. Police have objected to their release on parole and the suspects were taken into police cell.

When contacted, the student’s father alleged that his daughter was trapped. “Elle connaît un des suspects. Elle lui a fait confiance, mais il a trahi sa confiance,” he said. The police investigation continues.