[Local News] Foot-and-Mouth Disease: Cruelty And Indifference

This Monday is a public holiday, a day of celebration and reflection for the faithful of Ganesh and Marie. At the foot of the mountain range that separates Port Louis and Moka is a scene of desolation and cruelty to which we are helplessly witnessing. Breeders, saddened and inconsolable before the FMD disaster that has swept all their livestock, no longer know where to turn.

The scene is more cruel. Vaccines are useless, worthless, inappropriate and ineffective to combat the epidemic. As for the other officers of the Department of Agribusiness, they are of no help and are nowhere to be seen. Solicited on Tuesday, they arrived on Sunday and the Minister Seeruttun preferred to go to Rodrigues rather than visiting Mauritian farms where we see only devastation, suffering and despair.

What to do with all these animals that collapse, that become a health hazard to the public? Have some farmers, knowing that the spread of this virus was inevitable, tried to limit losses be selling the meat unfit for consumption? The questions and concerns are many and Mauritians are entitled to know the answers and clarifications. Ranchers and their cattle stunned by the disease deserve urgent consideration.
We tried to get a reaction from the Minister Mahen Seeruttun on the phone but in vain, according to a source.