[Local News] Rodrigues District Court: He Asks The Magistrate Permission To Smoke Cannabis For His Health Concerns

Javed (name changed) was arrested in Rodrigues for consumption and possession of cannabis. He then went to the district court of Rodrigues concerning his case last year to ask for a permission to smoke cannabis.


He told the magistrate about his right to consume cannabis for his health concerns:

“Avek mo drwa ki mo ena lor mo lasante mo pe demand lacour permission pu consome gandia pu combat fatigue, stress et douler. Mone dir avek lexperience lor gandia mo capav prouve gandia 1 medesin.”

The magistrate then told him that consumption and possession of cannabis is illegal in the country and asking for a permission to consume it is not in his hands. Javed was then asked to seek advice from the Ministry of health in Mauritius.

A letter was sent to the health minister and president of Mauritius with no response yet. An open letter will be sent to the leader of the opposition and Prime Minister next week.