[Video] Plaine des Papayes: With Two Disabled Children, A Broken Mother Is Living A Hassle

TopFM met Farida, a desperate mother, at Plaine des Papayes. Her younger son, Moosameer Noorbaccus, aged 11, is disabled from birth. He has cerebral palsy and can not speak or move his limbs. His arms and legs are also dislocated.

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The little boy is completely dependent on his mother and has the appearance of a child of five. As for the eldest, aged 25 year old, he moves in a wheelchair. The mother lives a hassle every day. Abandoned by her husband shortly after their birth, she raises her two son alone.

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The woman stays at Ramgoolam Road, Plaine des Papayes near the traffic lights. She can be contacted on 59082340.