[Local News] Goodlands: A Nurse Arrested After Abusing And Threatening His Father

A resident of Bois Rouge in Goodlands said to be victim of abuse. The 65 year old retired man accuses his 38 year old son who is a nurse by profession. In a complaint to the police station of Goodlands on Friday, the sexagenarian says that his son have messed up and threatened to assault him.

Daram (name changed) could not take the blows inflicted on him by his son anymore. The sexagenarian was at home on Friday when his son Sitanandsing, who was under the influence of alcohol, began to hurl insults against him. The father alleged that he was assaulted and threatened to be killed by his son with stones.

Daram contacted Le Defi Quotidien for a reaction. The pensioner said to be living in fear. He explained that a month ago his son assaulted nurses at his workplace and he was put behind bars by the police. “Mon fils m’agressait souvent. J’ai déposé plusieurs plaintes contre lui. Mais j’ai dû revenir à de meilleurs sentiments en tenant en ligne de compte sa profession et son avenir. J’ai abandonné les plaintes. Mais tout porte à croire que Sitanandsing n’a tiré aucune leçon. Li pa finn less mwa oken swa. Cette fois, je ne suis pas revenu sur ma décision. Je lui ai donné une leçon qu’il ne sera pas près d’oublier. Mon fils doit apprendre à me respecter.”

The father is desperate for his son to change his attitude towards him. He added that when the young man is under the influence of alcohol, he behaves like a boor. “Kuma li bwar, li vinn vyolan. Li zoure el li batt mwa. Mo gayn bate souvan avek mo garson. Il est incontrôlable. Je souhaite qu’il ne consomme plus de boissons alcooliques.”

Sitanandsing was arrested by the police in Goodlands on Friday. When questioned, he denied the allegations made against him by his father. “Mon père s’est fait gronder par moi car il consommait des boissons alcooliques. Il n’a pas apprécié ma façon d’agir et il s’est révolté contre moi. Vu qu’il fait l’objet d’une ordonnance de protection, il a profité de cette mesure pour me clouer au pilori.” After a close examination, the nurse was detained.

He appeared before the Bail and Remand Court on Saturday where a provisional charge of ‘breach of protection order’ has been filed against him. To find the conditional release, he had to pay a deposit of Rs 5000 and sign a debt commitment of Rs 30,000.

The investigation by the sergeant Beebeejaun is overseen by the chief inspector Toorabally.